Our Doodle journey in Nigeria

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Tom, our co-founder, visited Lagos in 2018. He commented, “Computing is part of the curriculum in Nigeria. But not all children have access to computers – in fact, most don’t. When I arrived in Lagos, I wanted to understand a little more about children’s exposure to technology. The video below is the lesson I observed”.

In the particular school visited, computing was taught using old textbooks and rote chanting (a common teaching technique given the lack of resources). You’ll see at the end of the video that most children had previously seen a monitor and when it came to using the tablets, almost none had used one before. This was evident in the first lesson; children had to be taught the basics of how to switch on the tablet.

In the first few days of Tom’s arrival, on average it took a child over a minute to answer a question in DoodleMaths (this is a factor in our adaptive algorithms). Worldwide, the average is 17 seconds. As of 12th March, in Nigeria, the average time is 15 seconds per question – a function not just of greater fluency in maths, but familiarity with the DoodleMaths question styles and a new-found confidence with the technology.

“There’s no doubt children have benefited in multiple ways as a result of this project,” stated Tom. “It’s inspiring for us all to be part of it, and the more children we can extend this to, the better.”

UK aid from the British people

DoodleMaths was taken into 23 low-cost private schools in Makoko and Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria as part of the DEEPEN Challenge funded by UK Aid.
Article by Laura Young-Santos

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