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The School-Led Tutoring grant and DoodleCoaching

The School-Led Tutoring grant is one of the COVID-19 recovery funds for schools made available by the government.

So far, in the academic year 21/22, this grant has enabled schools to provide tuition funds for up to 60% of children eligible for Pupil Premium (PP) for terms 1 and 2. However, with the injection of extra funding, this will now cover 76% of the PP cohort for the final term.

Schools can use this funding to spend on tuition however they like, and if this isn’t spent by the end of the academic year, the funding will be claimed back from future budgets.

The School-Led Tutoring grant is calculated to cover 75% of the cost of tuition, with schools expected to contribute the remaining costs. The grant is in addition to existing pots of money, such as Pupil Premium funding, and doesn’t replace them.

The grant is ring-fenced and must be used to fund tutoring support, primarily for disadvantaged students. Schools can use the School-Led Tutoring grant at their discretion as long as it’s to provide tuition, whether by sourcing tutors locally, by training teaching staff or by choosing an online tutoring provider such as DoodleLearning.

Unlike the Tuition Partners funding, it can be used flexibly in terms of the number of hours and subjects per pupil. It can also be used for small-group tuition, which is where DoodleCoaching comes in!

Using the School-Led Tutoring grant to fund DoodleCoaching

DoodleCoaching is designed to provide maximum whole-school impact as cost-effectively as possible. We do this by combining our award-winning AI technology with highly-trained, motivational coaches.

We use a small group tuition model because the Education Endowment Foundation recommends it to be the most cost-effective strategy across a whole school. We provide this online so that the best tutors can be used in your school regardless of geography.

​The Education Endowment Foundation: key findingsDoodleCoaching: key facts
1. Small group tuition has an average impact of four months’ additional progress over the course of a year1. Studies show that students using DoodleCoaching make, on average, nine months’ additional progress over the course of a year. Read study summary.
​2. Small group tuition is most likely to be effective if it’s targeted at pupils’ specific needs. Diagnostic assessments can be used to assess the best way to target support.​2. Children use our technology to complete a diagnostic baseline assessment before starting DoodleCoaching. AI, along with our coaches, create personalised work programmes for each child, designed to target the areas that are needed.
​3. One-to-one tuition and small group tuition are both effective intervention tools. However, the cost-effectiveness of teaching in small groups indicates that greater use of this approach may be worthwhile.3. We coach children in groups of between two and five children, with an average group size of 3.1.
4. Providing training to the staff that delivers small group support is likely to increase impact.4. Our coaches are UK-based graduates or final year students, highly-trained by our experienced team of teachers. They’re all fully DBS-checked.
5. Additional small group support can be effectively targeted at pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds and should be considered part of a school’s pupil premium strategy.​5. This is why we recommend DoodleCoaching as an excellent use of the School-Led Tutoring grant.

How much does DoodleCoaching cost?

DoodleCoaching costs £120 per student per term.

As well as having a weekly 30-minute session with one of our trained coaches, this price also includes all paper-based resources and enhanced access to our AI adaptive resource, DoodleMaths. The School-Led Tutoring grant will cover 75% of this cost.

Schools are also able to use their own school-based coaches to work with children on a face-to-face basis. For some schools, this may be more cost-effective. We offer full support to schools using this option, providing all paper-based resources, enhanced access to DoodleMaths and an online training course for the school’s coaches.

The cost of this option is £10 per student per term. It’s our understanding from government guidelines that the cost of this option cannot come from the School-Led Tutoring grant.

Recommended deployment

Our recommended deployment is based on schools getting maximum ‘bang for their buck’. With this in mind, we recommend using DoodleCoaching for Key Stage 2 students.

A term of coaching goes beyond just teaching maths: it’s also designed to rebuild the confidence of children to a point where they can work independently.

After a term of coaching, children will be motivated and in the habit of using DoodleMaths on their own to fill any remaining learning gaps and consolidate their knowledge.

For an average primary school of 282 students, of which 23.7% are eligible for deprivation pupil premium (2019 figures), the School-Led Tutoring grant amounts to £8,140.

With this grant covering 75% of the cost of DoodleCoaching, the school would be able to put 90 children through a term of coaching with Doodle-trained coaches, with the remaining £2,710 coming from other budgets within the school.

Interested in finding out more? Chat to us about the best DoodleCoaching option for your school.


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