Alan Bartlett, Key Stage 2 Lead, Canada Hill Primary School

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DoodleMaths has been the best thing that has happened in maths for a very long time. Teachers no longer have to spend time creating differentiated homework for their classes, safe in the knowledge that DoodleMaths is providing targeted maths practice for every child in our school. I would estimate that it saves teachers around 2 hours a week for those doing paper homework – the advantage is that it sets the work automatically and gives brilliant analysis tools. AND, the children want to do their homework, and most go on DoodleMaths at least once every day! The children love DoodleMaths, their parents love DoodleMaths because it is at the correct level for their child and teachers love DoodleMaths – giving some children extra time in school to ensure they are getting as much maths practice as possible. We recommend DoodleMaths without reservation to everyone who is interested, and to those who aren’t!
Article by Laura Young-Santos

Doodle empowers learners to achieve confidence in maths and English. Our intelligent technology creates individual work programmes which are motivational, affordable and convenient to use.