Canterbury Dyslexic Centre, Kent

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A loves DoodleMaths, and having the kids be able to message each other and compete is definitely a bonus for him as he is a competitive person so it really encourages him to go on it. E loves going on it because it is computer based so it is an opportunity to “play” on the computer which is an activity very restricted in our house (max 2 hours a week). I think she also loves it because she finds it “easy” and she is very competitive so she wants to be top of the leader board in terms of points. DoodleMaths is a great way of getting A to engage with his maths work at home and although he does not do it everyday he really enjoys it. He is very competent with his use of the software. T absolutely loves DoodleMaths. I don’t even have to ask him to go on it, he loves the games and being able to build his robot up with the stars he has earned. T goes on most days and we can see an improvement in not only his maths but his way of thinking and organisation of what he’s learning from it. To get emails saying his age has increased is very reassuring. I think we’ve only been on it perhaps 3 months and his age has increased by 4 months I think! To hear T saying ‘I get it now’ or ‘oh that’s how you do it’ is amazing. The app seems to explain it in ways and raise questions that keep the children interested. T even says to me ‘come and watch’ and we sit together and work through it.The function to work out answers could be bigger as sometimes he can’t fit the question on but other than that I can’t think of any faults. No problems accessing it, questions are repeated and re-explained if not understood and this really helps reiterate areas for T. He hasn’t covered some of the areas at school yet but already feels established in some of the questions/areas raised on the app. I personally love that there is a help button that explains/provides hints as maths is taught completely differently now to when I was at school. T struggles to process information and gets easily confused but we find with DoodleMaths he is learning at a fast pace which is fun, providing confidence and is engaging at the same time. Anything that makes T smile about maths gets my vote. J seems to enjoy the app and says it’s fun to earn points to get things for his robot! It is never a chore and is quite happy to go off and complete the questions. The questions seem to be pitched at the right level too. He is able to get enough correct to keep his confidence and enthusiasm up but does not always get them all right! J loves DoodleMaths! We have seen the improvement in certain areas, i.e. fractions, where repeated practice has worked! A great way to inspire a boy who’s not that keen on homework! His sister has it too now and P has introduced it to his school!
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