Lanesend Primary School, Isle of Wight

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“We’ve been using DoodleMaths for the past 18 months at Lanesend Primary School and have seen a big improvement in maths attainment across the board. We have seen a greater engagement with maths in school and at home and through this engagement, children are becoming more confident in maths (especially our girls). DoodleMaths is a safe environment in which our children can answer maths questions without judgement and if they are finding a particular objective difficult they can ping a quick note to their class teacher. This then enables you as a teacher to look at areas that children may be struggling with. The beauty of DoodleMaths is that you can then work with the children in morning work or even as part of your maths lesson to clear up any misunderstandings that there may have been and then give extra questions based on that objective to make sure children now have that understanding. DoodleMaths can be used in a variety of ways: it can be used in an after school club, as a starter to a maths lesson, as a whole maths lesson with a focus on a particular objective (this can be chosen by the class teacher), as an intervention with a small group and a teaching assistant or as a homework tool. Challenge your children to see how many stars they can win or how many days in a row (a streak) they can do and celebrate this in assembly or on a display board. Feedback from parents about the app is also very positive – they are pleased that children are engaged with something educational. DoodleMaths is flexible in that children can have a quick ten minute session in the morning before school or a longer session in the evening. Children want to earn stars and buy things for their virtual pet and share their achievements through the app and its messaging system. In short ‘DoodleMaths’ is the perfect app for schools to help boost attainment, promote a love of maths and engage children while they are learning.”
Article by DoodleMaths

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