Marie Jackson, DoodleMaths Champion, Whitehills Primary School

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How would you describe DoodleMaths?

DoodleMaths is a maths app designed for children between the ages of 4 and 14 which can be used at home or in schools. We have been fortunate enough to have been using it at Whitehills Primary School for several years now and it just gets better and better, year on year! Never have I downloaded an app that gives so much support to its users and seeks feedback and suggestions for further development and improvement. A fantastic app with a fantastic development and support team every step of the way should you need it.

What makes DoodleMaths suitable for schools?

So, the colourful, engaging, interactive and touch sensitive screen app covers all areas of the National Curriculum across one seamless app for 4-14 year olds having recently been updated from 3 apps of different age bands into just one app.

How does DoodleMaths make the app engaging for all pupils?

When downloading the app for the first time, children go through an initial assessment to find out where their strengths and weaknesses lie and attain a starting point appropriate to them to begin their DoodleMaths journey. They are given a ‘DoodleMaths’ age which then increases as they get more confident.  They also choose their very own Avatar at this point in the process. Earning stars for every correct answer enables children to keep their Avatar happy and it is a great motivational tool. No one likes to see an unhappy Avatar!

How often do you Doodle?

DoodleMaths is designed for children to ‘Doodle’ for around 10 minutes per day to enable them to increase in their maths confidence. DoodleMaths themselves recommend that children earn between 50 and 100 stars a week to help accelerate their learning. With this in mind, as a school we often set DoodleMaths for homework for the children and as they move up the school this becomes an expectation. This is a very easy way to set homework for the whole class.  As teachers can add work to a child’s profile, children find that they are asked to complete ‘added extras’ alongside their ‘5,6,7,8,9 or 10 a day’ or their ‘New this week’ topic whilst doodling at home. Work added can be used as a pre-lesson learning tool or indeed as a consolidation tool once a topic has been taught. Children recognise the links between homework and school work commenting, ‘That’s what we learnt in school today’.

How do I monitor pupil progress?

For each ‘Doodler’, parents and teachers alike can check what is known as ‘Gap Analysis’. The incredibly sophisticated software details all areas of the National Curriculum that a child has covered whilst using the app. It traffic lights its results into groups to show whether a topic has been fully understood, partly understood or not understood at all. This allows adults to then assign appropriate work in ‘Added Extras’ to that child or group of children. It helps with forward planning of lessons too.

How do you motivate children to use DoodleMaths regularly?DoodleMaths Cakes

The children here are engaged by DoodleMaths and will strive to be at the top of the leaderboard for their class or even the whole school each week. Certificates are awarded in our ‘Worker of the week’ assembly to those children who show commitment to using the app to aid their learning. Top 3 doodlers each week and also a certificate for the top class.  Each term we celebrate the success of our doodlers by giving the ‘Doodler of the term’ a DoodleCake specially made by Mrs Jackson, our DoodleMaths Champion for Whitehills. During the summer and also October half term, DoodleMaths ran competitions for the children to undertake so as not to suffer from loss of learning during these long breaks. Children were motivated to take this on board and parents were keen to share the success of their children on social media to be entered into a prize draw by DoodleMaths.  

Would you recommend DoodleMaths to other schools?

I thoroughly recommend this app to any school or home educator – it has all you need in one place – What more could anyone ask for? If you’d like any more information about DoodleMaths and how we use it at Whitehills (Northampton) or arrange for a visit so I can showcase it to you, then please do get in touch via our school office on 01604 843780 and ask for Marie Jackson.
Article by Emma Hall

Doodle empowers learners to achieve confidence in maths and English. Our intelligent technology creates individual work programmes which are motivational, affordable and convenient to use.