St Edward’s Preparatory School, Cheltenham

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St Edward’s have been using DoodleMaths for six months with a class of 12 students who experienced difficulties or anxiety in maths. The app is used every day at the school during morning break as an additional maths session.

What really works for you about DoodleMaths?

It works independently and raises areas of weakness through its progressive approach to maths development. This gives the opportunity to individualise teaching at a time when the child is motivated to learn.

What do the children say?

I like the maths and the problems. It’s different and there are lots of things so it doesn’t get boring. I do it all the time. I love saving up for the stuff for my pet and it doesn’t take long. I can do it in 5 minutes if I want.

What do the parents say?

She really enjoys the opportunity to practice her maths and she enjoys saving her Doodle Stars to decorate her pet. She had confidence issues and we were worried about her maths. This seems to have given her the right practice and interest to get better.

What evidence do you have for improved confidence and ability?

Before using DoodleMaths, one particular child was under-performing in class. He was anxious about maths and avoiding homework. Now, he approaches new topics with greater confidence, and his number skills are consistently more accurate and quicker.

What features of DoodleMaths are better than other resources?

The DoodleMaths team are continually developing and improving the app, adding new features and adjusting it to fit our needs. They seem to effortlessly add excellent new features in response to requests we make.

Would you recommend DoodleMaths to other schools?

Yes – I would recommend DoodleMaths to any school that has tablets!
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