Tanya Jaryczewski, DoodleMaths Champion, Tewkesbury C of E Primary School

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Children at our school love DoodleMaths. They enjoy the competitive element that DoodleMaths provides, especially when trying to earn enough stars to make it into the weekly Top 10 – both for themselves and for their class. As well as our weekly league tables, children work towards earning a place in the annual DoodleMaths school awards. Recently, we have had children in the National Top 10 – this has been both exciting and inspiring for the children. As a school, we encourage teachers to timetable DoodleMaths into their week at least three times for 5/6/7/8/9 a-day challenges. DoodleMaths’ added extras are used to extend children’s learning and also to close gaps in learning by accessing prior curriculum content. Added extras are set up for children to access during lesson times and during intervention time. Teachers are beginning to use DoodleMaths to support their on-going assessment practices. When used as a morning starter, DoodleMaths provides a calm, focussed and fun start to the day. We currently do not use DoodleMaths as a directed home learning tool, however, children are encouraged to use it as often as possible. Home-use of DoodleMaths is praised and celebrated and importantly, supported by parents. As a school, we celebrate the DoodleMaths achievements of the children in class assemblies and through displaying results on leader boards on the school website. A display in the school also celebrates the achievements of the children. We measure achievement at school by the number of stars earned (for classes and individuals) as well as for accuracy. DoodleMaths Tewkesbury C of E Primary School
Children’s Voice:
“I think that DoodleMaths has helped me with my learning because I can practise lots and earn stars.” “I want to win as many stars as I can to get into the top 10 for our school.” “I enjoy earning stars that I can spend on my pet.” “DoodleMaths is fun!” “I love DoodleMaths because the games are fun!”  
Parent’s Voice:
“I think that my child’s confidence has grown with maths since we started using DoodleMaths. My child loves earning stars and playing the games.” “My child has only recently joined the school and started using DoodleMaths. He is hooked! He has already earned 354 stars and is determined to earn as many as he can.”   DoodleMaths support is excellent. Ian, has provided a range of in-school staff training as well as distance support via e-mail. There is a constant stream of communication between the school and the DoodleMaths team – we really feel that our suggestions and feedback are valued and acted upon. Parents have commented that support through the website is excellent, with queries and questions addressed and answered quickly and efficiently. We would recommend DoodleMaths to any and every school as it is a tool to help make maths fun and accessible to all at a level appropriate to the individual child and their learning needs.
Article by Laura Young-Santos

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