Will Gardener, Parent

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DoodleMaths has been a revelation to me, and more importantly to my daughter’s struggle with Maths. We are so so grateful to be able to use it. My daughter is a twin, and the fact her sister does not have this struggle with maths made the issue a bigger one for her. End of year 5 and her maths level was stuck in (probably early) year 4, and confidence and willingness to engage with maths was at an unprecedented low. But now, thanks to DoodleMaths, she is engaging and she is catching up. Still a long way to go, but we are making progress, and she is really happy about it. DoodleMaths has been great for her, and for us. It has been great for a few reasons. One, it has the skill of retaining children’s confidence, even when new topics are difficult, and I cannot overstate how important that is. She has more of the belief that she can do it, and that she can improve. Two, it is not difficult to get her to do it with me, which is also really important, as that also makes it easier for me to do it with her. And three, we can both see that she has improved, and done so at a steady rate, so she is also proud of her progress. She does still find new topics challenging, and halving is our current one, but we know that she will get it. A long-winded way of saying thank you. I have a parents’ evening at her school tonight, and I am looking forward to discussing her progress in maths with her teacher. I will of course be mentioning DoodleMaths.
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