Measuring progress on the Teacher Dashboard

It is well known that the long summer holiday can cause children to forget what they learned in the months leading up to it, causing teachers to spend time going back over concepts previously learned. If this summer learning loss could be prevented, the amount of time saved by teachers, alongside the progress made by students, could be invaluable.

The University of Bath studied 128 children over the summer – the aim being to quantify their learning loss, and to see if there was anything that could be done to prevent it. DoodleMaths was chosen to be used as the “preventative factor” with half the children.

The results were significant: children using DoodleMaths for 20 minutes per week were 4x less likely to suffer learning loss, and, on returning to school in September, their scores averaged 9.4% more than their counterparts who didn’t use DoodleMaths.

Read the University of Bath’s initial findings here: View University of Bath Study