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We’re a Living Wage Accredited employer!

Here at DoodleLearning, we care about people: we care about the learners who use our programmes to increase their confidence in maths and English, and we care about the teachers and parents who want to support their children in their education.

We also care about the people who make this happen: our team.

Our fantastic team of 48 incredible people all truly care about our products and everyone who uses them. That’s why it’s so important to us to recognise their efforts and ensure that they know they’re valued.

We do this in a number of ways, but the first — and most important — way is that we’re committed to paying everyone the Real Living Wage.

What’s the Real Living Wage?

While the government sets out the National Minimum Wage (the minimum under 23s can earn) and the National Living Wage (the minimum for over 23s), the Living Wage Foundation sets a Real Living Wage, based on what people need to actually live.

This number is calculated “according to the cost of living, based on a basket of household goods and services”. There is also a separate rate for those living in London to reflect the higher costs there.

With this in mind, we’re proud to be one of the 9,500+ employers around the country who are committed to paying a fair wage to employees and contractors, as we believe it shows our commitment to everyone who works for us.

For more information about the Real Living Wage, please visit their website.

Or, if you’d like to learn more about our community, why not take a look at our current vacancies?

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