Top 10 children’s literature podcasts

Podcasts are a fantastic way to discover a whole new world of reading. From uncovering the next must-read novel to delving into how books are created, there really is something for everyone!

Below are a selection of our favourite podcasts for young readers, storytellers and families. Why not give them a listen in the car on the way to school or during a long car journey to the beach?

1. Book Club for Kids

As one of The Time’s Top 10 Podcasts for Children, Book Club for Kids should be a staple in any literary-fan’s library. Each episode is led by a group of children discussing their favourite books, and regular features include interviews and celebrity book readings.

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2. All the Wonders: The Children’s Book Podcast

For an insightful look into the wonderful world of literature, All the Wonders is a fantastic place to find your next favourite novel, featuring interviews with up-and-coming authors.

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3. Fun Kids Book Club

Perfect for first-time podcast listeners, Fun Kids Book Club is an accessible and fun way to discover the latest stories and picture books hitting the shelves.

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4. KidLit RADIO

For discussions on key themes and current hot-topics in literature, KidLit RADIO is a great place to start. Each episode focuses on a different topic, including climate change, Women’s History Month and more.

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5. Publisher’s Weekly KidsCast

For interviews with authors, the PW KidsCast is the place to be!

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6. Storynory

Stornynory specialises in audio stories, which are perfect for young children. Why not listen to them on a commute or just before bedtime?

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7. What If World

For inquisitive young minds, What If World engages curiosity and encourages creativity. Each episode tells a unique story about a quirky idea sent in by a listener, such as the age-old question: what if cats ruled the world?

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8. Picturebooking

For an insightful and informative look into the creative process behind creating a picture book, Picturebooking is a fascinating listen. Each episode features an interview with an author or illustrator into their experience of creating their book.

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9. Lu and Bean Read

Led by a family of readers, Lu and Bean Read cover everything from reviews to following their journey of publishing a picture book.

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10. Books Between

Finally, Books Between is perfect for teachers, parents and librarians, providing lots of fantastic ideas for sharing your love of literature with children.

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