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Bringing maths to life: real world maths

“What’s the point?!” is a cry most teachers are probably familiar with. While it’s quite easy to show children how basic arithmetic is used in everyday decisions, it’s not quite as simple to demonstrate how they will use shape, geometry or statistics in real life.

Making sure that children are aware of why maths is important is one of the key ways of increasing pupil engagement. And what better way to do this than by looking at some of the jobs that use maths every day!

We’ve put together Real World Maths, a page with lots of interviews with real people doing real jobs discussing how maths is vital to their careers. You can use the pages to show your class how different parts of the maths curriculum are used in some of these inspiring careers. Perhaps most importantly, looking at these jobs can also be really motivational for children!

Discover Real World Maths

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