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New feature: multiplication square

We’ve just launched a virtual multiplication square, a new feature designed to help children answer questions and understand their times tables by presenting them in a clear and interactive format.

What is a multiplication square?

Children can access the square at any point to help them answer questions. Most excitingly, they can make notes and highlight numbers on the grid, letting them clearly see the relationships between numbers! 

How to find the multiplication square

You’ can find the multiplication square in DoodleMaths: 

  1. Log in to DoodleMaths or DoodleTables and select an exercise to complete from the Learning Zone
  2. When answering any question, click on the arrow in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen and select Tools
  3. Click on the arrow icon, press Multiplication Square and press Let’s go.

How to use the multiplication square

Children can toggle between two grid sizes by selecting 10x or 12x, depending on the times tables they’d like to focus on.

Tapping on any number in the grid will automatically reveal its factors (the two numbers that multiply together to make that number), making it very helpful for answering questions! You can also tap on the numbers around the outside of the square to reveal all of the multiples for those numbers.

Users can also tap on any square in the grid to change its colour, or drag across the grid to change the colours of multiple squares at once. 

Tapping on the ‘x’ in the corner of the square will highlight all of the square numbers.

Any questions? Please visit our Help Centre and click on the green circle icon to chat to our team.

Happy Doodling!


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