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Top 10 books about starting school

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It’s easy to see why the thought of starting school can be a little overwhelming! Below are some of our favourite books to help reassure your child ahead of the big day, which you can read to your child in the weeks running up to the start of term. 

1. ‘I am Too Absolutely Small for School’ by Lauren Child

Lola is feeling anxious about going to school – especially as she has more important things to be doing at home! This story reassures children that it’s perfectly normal to feel a bit worried about starting school, while also showing them how fun it can be.

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2. ‘Going to School’ by Rose Blake

Filled with wonderful illustrations, this stylish book takes us through the day in the life of a girl at school. It’s a fantastic way to show children all the exciting things they’ll get up to at school.

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3. ‘School for Dads’ by Adam and Charlotte Guillian 

In this role-reversal, the school-run is led by children dropping of their dads at the School for Dads, helping to make the idea of heading to school less daunting.  

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4. ‘Come to School Too, Blue Kangaroo!’ by Emma Chichester Clarke

Lily thinks her Blue Kangaroo is worried about going to school, but it turns out he can’t wait to try something new! This tale demonstrates to children that starting school is an exciting adventure.

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5. ‘Starting School’ by Allan Ahlberg

This picture book takes children step-by-step through a school day, from being dropped-off in the morning to heading to your first lesson. 

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6. ‘Stuff to Know When You Start School’ by DK

Taking a more ‘factual’ approach, this book is a fun look at the school basics, covering everything from recognising shyness to tying your shoelaces.

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7. ‘Topsy and Tim Start School’ by Jean Adamson

Adamson’s picture book takes children through what to expect at school, including break-time and in the classroom. 

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8. ‘Ellie the Elephant Makes New Friends at School’ by Agnes Green

It’ll be hard for children to resist Ellie’s infectious enthusiasm with this picture book celebrating the joy and excitement that comes with school.  

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9. ‘Never Take a Bear to School’ by Mark Sperring

Will the little boy find the confidence to go to school without his bear? This heart-warming tale about making the transition to school will help children overcome their fears of leaving their parents for the day. 

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10. ‘Little Owl’s First Day’ by Debi Gilori

Little Owl wants to stay home with his parents, but soon learns that school is a fantastic experience where he can learn how to build a rocket and make new friends. 

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