20 fun after-school activities for kids

after school activities

After a busy day at school, you may be looking for some activities to help your child to relax and unwind. But are there any activities that also include a little learning?

Well don’t worry – there are! And best of all, they don’t need to be complex or require lots of planning, so your child can have lots of fun without leaving you exhausted.

So, if you and your child are ready to discover some new after-school activities that’ll help them to feel both refreshed and ready to learn new things, read on!

20 awesome after-school activities

1. Watch educational videos together

This after-school activity is super quick to get into as there is plenty of fun, educational videos on YouTube that you and your kids can enjoy. 

Try searching for topics that interest your children, such as their favourite timeline in history, science experiments or mathematics. You can even find playlists specifically tailored to different age groups. Ah, the wonders of the internet!

2. Play learning games online

There are a ton of online games that can help kids to learn new things in a fun and interactive way. 

Try playing games focusing on maths, reading, or geography. You could also use the Doodle apps, which create every child a personalised learning experience tailored to their needs! Why not try them for free?

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3. Draw or colour together

After-school activities don’t have to be expensive (or hurt your brain to plan!). Encourage your child’s creativity by having them draw or colour with you after school. 

This activity is a great way to bond with them by talking about the day’s events and let their creativity shine. You may even discover their hidden artistic talents; maybe they’ll out-perform Picasso himself!

4. Bake delicious treats

Kids love being in the kitchen and helping to bake things! Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity to teach them about measurements and how to follow a recipe. 

Let them choose the recipe they’d like to make and encourage them to help you measure out the ingredients. They’ll be so proud of themselves when they get to eat their delicious creation! But most importantly, try to remember the importance of sharing, even if it’s your favourite!

5. Take a walk outside

A simple walk outdoors is a great way for kids to release energy after sitting in class all day. It’s also a great opportunity to learn more about their surroundings and world. 

You can play games of spotting different species of birds and insects and keep a journal of each time you take a walk to build up books filled with exploring and memories of learning together. Why not take a look at these outdoor learning activities for some inspiration?

6. Have a picnic indoors or outdoors

What’s more fun than having a picnic? No, seriously, I can’t think of anything!

Your kids will love eating their lunch or dinner outdoors (or indoors if it’s raining, which is pretty likely if you’re in the UK!). You can also choose various activities while picnicking, such as playing games, reading books or telling stories.

You can even use Doodle’s maths and English apps offline. This makes them perfect for learning when you’re out and about picnicking – and you can try them for free!

7. Visit the library or go on a book scavenger hunt

The library is a treasure trove of books just waiting to be read! Encourage your child’s love of reading by taking them to the library for some after-school browsing time. 

You could also try going on a book scavenger hunt where they have to find particular books based on specific criteria (e.g., books with purple covers, books over 500 pages long etc.). But here’s a fair warning: you may end up spending hours doing this after-school activity!

after school activities games night

8. Have a games night

Whether it’s the classic Monopoly, Pictionary or just card games, turn off your technology and spend some time playing games as a family. This is a great way to let your kids’ personalities come out and encourage them to be themselves.

There are also lots of maths board games you can play to add a little extra learning to your after-school fun! Why not check out our favourites?

9. Create some crafts

From painting to origami to making things out of recycled materials, there are plenty of crafts you can do together as a family. Be sure to display all of your crafted goodies around the house to boost your child’s pride in their creations!

10. Do some gardening

Start a small herb garden or spend some time outside planting flowers. If you don’t have a garden, no problem: many plants can be grown in pots on a balcony or by the window! So get your green thumbs out and learn some new gardening skills together. Best of all, you’ll get to taste your hard work!

after school activities baking

11. Become a chef 

Choose a few recipes and make dinner together. Try to pick things that everyone will enjoy eating. You could even take your children to the supermarket and let them find all of the ingredients you need; this is a great way for them to develop an awareness of their surroundings and pay close attention to details.

12. Put on a show

Inspire your child’s imagination by putting on a play or show together. They can be the show’s star while you help with props and costumes and, of course, be their number one fan!

13. Conduct a science experiment

There are plenty of simple science experiments that you can do at home with things that you probably have around the house already!

For example, you could try the classic volcano experiment or make slime. There are endless possibilities; your kids will love getting messy and learning about science simultaneously! Check out these indoor learning activities for even more ideas.

14. Go for a bike ride

Take a trip to your local park or around your local area and go for a bike ride together. It’s a great way to get some exercise while enjoying the outdoors. If you don’t have bikes, try renting ones from a local shop. Just be sure to wear helmets!

15. Go stargazing

This after-school activity may not be right after school, but it’ll be worth waiting up to gaze at the beauty above us. Head outside on a clear night and look up at the stars. See if you can spot any constellations or shooting stars. You can also look up information about different stars and planets beforehand!

16. Have a dance party

Turn up the music and have a dance party in your living room. This is a great way to get in some exercise and have some fun. But most importantly, remember to record these moments: not only will they help you to hold on to the memories, but you can also show them to your children when they get older. They will love it… I promise!

17. Make a scrapbook

Get together some old photos, mementoes and natural things you find out and about (like leaves or flowers) and make a scrapbook together. This is a great way to preserve memories while spending quality time together!

18. Volunteer

Find a local charity or organisation that you can volunteer with as a family. This is a great way to give back to the community and teach your children about the importance of helping others!

19. Learn a new skill together

Choose something your child wants to learn and find a class or tutorial online. For example, you could learn how to cook, knit, play an instrument or speak a new language (be sure to choose something that isn’t taught in school!).

20. Complete some puzzles

Puzzles are a great way to spend some after-school time together. Not only are they fun, but they can also be educational. Try choosing a challenging puzzle that will keep you both entertained for a while!


After-school activities don’t need to be complicated, expensive or overwhelming! This list of things to do after school will provide them with invaluable learning experiences and, most importantly, let you spend quality time together as a family.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and have some fun!

And don’t forget: Doodle’s maths and English apps can be used offline, making them perfect for fitting around your after-school plans! Why not give them a go?

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