Top 10 education accounts to follow on Twitter

Twitter isn’t just about selfies and hashtags — it’s also a great space for teachers and educators to come together and share their ideas! 

With an ever-increasing community of educators from all around the globe, social media makes it easier than ever before to discover the latest news, advice and resources, making it a fantastic way to enhance your professional development as a teacher. 

Below are ten of the best education accounts we recommend following on Twitter to help you get started on your social media journey. 

1. TeacherToolkit (@TeacherToolkit)

As the most-followed teacher account on Twitter, the Teacher Toolkit promotes discussions around educational hot topics and shares general news and teaching tips. Giving this account a follow is a great starting point for your journey into Twitter!

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2. Teach Primary (@TeachPrimary)

For the latest news, discussions and resources in education, Teach Primary is a fantastic education account and should be a staple in any teacher’s Twitter account.

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3. WeAreTeachers (@WeAreTeachers)

For a fun education account to follow on Twitter, WeAreTeachers specialise in fun DIY classroom hacks, including making your own paint and personalising pupils’ pencils! Its creative ideas are a fantastic way to liven up any lesson.

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4. RubyTuesdayBooks (@RubyTuesdayBks)

RubyTuesdayBooks share free teaching resources with their followers, including ways to teach pupils about plastic pollution and bird-spotters for your class. 

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5. Martin Burrett (@ICTmagic)

Martin specialises in all things tech. He shares free websites and tech resources you can use to enhance your lessons and teach your pupils about online safety. 

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6. Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher)

Vicki has lots of helpful tips to help optimise your classroom teaching and shares inspirational messages targeted at teachers (which can be very motivational when you’re feeling a little low on energy!).  

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7. That Boy Can Teach (@thatboycanteach) 

For an insight into teaching life, That Boy Can Teach posts updates about his experiences as a teacher and what he’s currently teaching in class. It’s a great way to see what other teachers are up to and gain ideas for your own classroom.

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8. PrimaryRocks (@PrimaryRocks1)

Looking for a way to connect with other teachers? With live chats every Monday, Primary Rocks is a fantastic way to share your ideas and be part of key EdTech conversations. 

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9. Bored Teachers (@BoredTeachers)

For some light-hearted fun, Bored Teachers is full of relatable gifs and amusing anecdotes that only teachers will understand. They’re great for sharing with fellow teachers!  

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10. DoodleLearning (@DoodleLearning_)

Finally, don’t forget to follow Doodle! We share all the latest Doodle news, competitions and Challenges, as well as EdTech news and other exciting events. 

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