50 Free Maths Colouring Sheets for KS1 & KS2

Make maths fun with free maths colouring pages for Years 1 through 6.

Christina Levandowski

Christina Levandowski

June 2024

50 Free Maths Colouring Sheets for KS1 & KS2

Make maths fun with free maths colouring pages for Years 1 through 6.

Christina Levandowski

Christina Levandowski

June 2024

50 Free Maths Colouring Sheets for KS1 & KS2

Make maths fun with free maths colouring pages for Years 1 through 6.

Christina Levandowski

Christina Levandowski

June 2024

Key takeaways

  • All kids learn differently – Blending maths with art can be a powerful teaching tool for your little learner. 
  • You don’t have to spend a fortune on teaching tools – Maths colouring pages are an effective way to help children master certain maths topics.
  • Colouring appeals to learners of all ages – Whether your child is 5 or 10, colouring is a fun and engaging activity.

Learning maths doesn’t have to be boring, difficult, or expensive! If you’re not sure where to start or are looking to mix up your learning routine, consider trying maths colouring sheets. 

We’ve compiled the best FREE maths colouring pages for learners in primary school. Read on to see our teacher-approved suggestions, options, and readily accessible downloadable links to keep your process simple.

Year 1 Colouring Pages

Year 1 maths colouring pages are a great way to teach mathematics and learning basics at a young age.

1. Under the Sea

This aquatic scene will help build colour association and number recognition skills in your Year 1 student(s). It also covers basic single-digit subtraction and addition.

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2. Fairy Garden

Take your learner back to a magical place to practise their addition and subtraction skills. 

3. Jungle Colour

Colour this jungle scene with your learner and explore single-digit addition and subtraction problems. 

4. Farm Maths

This farm-themed colouring maths worksheet helps students practise single-digit mathematical operations. 

5. Space Operations

Fly through space and refine your student’s subtraction and addition skills. 

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Sample questions

Year 2 Colouring Pages

Your student is moving on up, which means it’s time for more colouring pages to make learning fun and accessible. Use these teacher-approved options to jump-start your Year 2 maths student’s learning experience. 

6. Teddy Bear Maths Mastery

Colour the birthday bear scene and practise addition and subtraction up to 15. 

7. Robot Pet Park

Have your students colour the robot as he takes his pup to the pet park. This activity focuses on subtraction and addition concepts through 20. 

8. We All Scream For (Ice Cream)

Help your learner colour the biggest cone they’ve ever seen as they practise addition and subtraction of medium-sized numbers. 

9. Enjoy The Magic Show!

Make some mathematical magic and have your student colour in the page, practising their addition and subtraction skills with numbers between 7-15.

10. Butterfly Garden

Flitter through these maths problems as a beautiful rainbow butterfly, helping your student navigate addition and subtraction using numbers up to 11. 

Year 3 Colouring Pages

Your Year 3 maths student will love the pop of fun that these FREE maths worksheets bring to the routine!

11. Forest Maths

Step into the beauty of the forest and explore multiplication and division concepts with your student. 

12. Penguin Maths Fun

Learn larger-digit division and multiplication with these chilly penguins. 

13. Egypt Count

Practise larger-number division as you and your student colour in this Egyptian scene. 

14. Solar System

Work through multiplication and division problems using numbers from 6 to 60 with this solar scene. 

15. A World Underground

Walk your student through multiplication tables and a few division problems and explore an underground world in the process. 

16. Scuba Maths

Ready for a new challenge for your learner? Work with division and multiplication operations across a range of numbers between 6 and 72. 

17. Dinosaurs

Go back to the prehistoric era and master new sets of multiplication and division problems.  

18. ‘Dillo in the Desert

Make the armadillo’s desert home beautiful by solving multiplication and division problems between 8 and 66. 

19. Sweet Dreams in Sweet Land

Transport to a land of make-believe, multiplication, and division tables. Your student will love this sweet way of learning! 

20. Jungle Maths

Enjoy this final jungle-themed maths page, multiplying and dividing numbers between 6 and 52.

Year 4 Colouring Pages

Your Year 4 maths student is halfway through primary school! Celebrate with some fun maths worksheets they’ll love. 

21. Pirate Practice

Start your student off strong with the basics of multiplication and division with this pirate-themed colour sheet. 

22. Rainbows and Unicorns

Create a beautiful, magical scene and practise multiplication and division skills with numbers between 5 and 77.

23. Robot Maths

Colour the quirky robot and walk your learner through multiplication and division using larger numbers. 

24. Alien Mathematics

Explore maths with some friendly extraterrestrials who are passionate about mid-level multiplication and division problems. 

25. Castle Calculations

Decorate the queen’s castle and practise multiplication and division with numbers between 7 and 84. 

26. Elephant Maths

Splash, colour, and spray with this elephant, and teach your learner how to divide and multiply with three-digit numbers. 

27. Moon Maths Mastery

Land on the moon with your learner and work through double-digit multiplication and division problems. 

28. Football Send-Off Maths Colour Page

Support your learner as they colour and master the division and multiplication of double-digit numbers. 

29. When In Rome

Roam through the scenery of Rome with this colour sheet, and help your learner master the most common multiplication and division tables. 

30. Dragon Maths

Colour the dragon and practice double-digit multiplication and division operations with this fun sheet.

Year 5 Colouring Pages

Your child is now in Year 5 maths, a time for new concepts and learning opportunities. Bring maths to life for your student with these helpful free maths resources! 

31. Knightly Numbers

Teach your student division and multiplication with ease as you colour this knightly scene together! 

32. Beachy Scene

Colour and clean up this beautiful beach as you and your learner practise division and multiplication operations. 

33. Frozen Figures

Ink in an igloo and work through mid-level multiplication and division operations with your student. 

34. Octopus Maths

Practise division and multiplication tables with this fun octopus colour page. 

35. Day of the Dinosaurs

Colour the dinos and work through double- and single-digit multiplication and division problems. 

36. Maths In Space

Join these pets for some maths fun in space, helping your learner solve the problems and colour the scene. 

37. Egyptian Maths

Challenge your learner with more complex double-digit multiplication and division problems. 

38. Robot Dance Party

Colour the robot party scene and give them a night to remember as you solve mid-level multiplication and division problems. 

39. Camp n’ Colour

Colour the campout scene and work through double- and single-digit problems with your growing learner. 

40. Rainbow Review

Review what you’ve learned with these single- and double-digit multiplication and division problems.

Year 6 Colouring Pages

The last year of primary school is here! Prepare your Year 6 maths student for the next level of learning with these free maths colouring sheets. 

41. Hiking Maths

Give your learner a helpful multiplication and division review with this hiking-themed colour sheet. 

42. Mermaid Kingdom

Colour the mermaid empire and explore triple-digit division and multiplication problems. 

43. Rainforest Review

Practise double-digit multiplication and division problems as you and your student colour the cute toucan on a branch. 

44. Submarine Maths

Colour the sub and explore the deep with triple- and double-digit division and multiplication problems. 

45. Desert Passage

Help the camel find his way in the desert as you and your learner colour and solve multiplication problems. 

46. Hot Air Review

Fly in a hot air balloon, colour, and solve multiplication and division problems with your young learner. 

47. Garden n’ Grow

Do a quick mathematics review as you colour through these multiplication and division problems. 

48. Robot Mechanic

Colour and fix the robot as you solve multiplication review problems. 

49. Machu Picchu Maths

Walk through a review of multiplication and division as you and your learner colour the sights. 

50. Pirate Maths

Colour the treasure and explore double-digit division and multiplication concepts. 

Maths colouring sheet FAQs

Yes, there are plenty of free-use maths colouring sheets online for your learner. Be sure to search by topic to find the best worksheets for your needs.

Maths worksheets can be useful for visual and kinesthetic learners. Worksheets give students an opportunity to put pen to paper and work it out on their own time and terms. It’s also a great low-stress way to learn compared to other options. 

Ensure that your maths colouring pages are aligned with topics that your learner is currently practising for the greatest possible benefit. Also, double-check that the colouring pages are for your student’s age group.

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