Exciting new features have arrived in Doodle!

We’ve launched fantastic new features and exciting changes across our Doodle programmes, designed to enhance every child’s learning journey and bring it to life like never before!

NEW: Learning Zone

When a user first logs in to Doodle, they’ll now be greeted by the Learning Zone, a stylish new hub which puts them in control of their learning.

From here, children can choose what type of exercise they’d like to complete next and view the work they’ve completed over the last 30 days. Learners over the age of twelve can also set extra work in topics they’d like to practise.

When a child completes an exercise, they’ll move along a line representing their learning journey. This will let them see the progress they’re making, helping to boost their confidence a little every day.

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NEW: Interactive concept explanations

Carefully crafted by our team of education specialists, introductions to new topics now include interactive elements designed to make learning even more engaging.

By combining short, snappy explanations with hands-on activities, children can develop their understanding of new areas by putting their learning into practice as they go.

Learners can earn up to three stars for completing a lesson’s interactive elements, rewarding them for their hard work and helping to keep them motivated.

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NEW: Power Ups

Children can level up their learning with Power Ups, a new type of exercise which transforms a child’s weakest area of understanding into their most powerful!

Proxima™, Doodle’s clever algorithm, will occasionally challenge each learner to answer 15 questions from a topic in which they feel less confident. These will automatically appear in the Learning Zone as a Power Up icon.

By using repetition and positive reinforcement, children will build a solid foundation of understanding in challenging areas, helping them to master even the trickiest of topics.

NEW: Newsfeed

The newsfeed lets children view their achievements, and those of siblings’ or classmates’, including when they achieve a wow-worthy streak or earn a high score in a game.

By rewarding each child’s effort and determination, the newsfeed encourages children to Doodle ‘little and often’!

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NEW: Dynamic baseline assessment

When a child first starts using Doodle, the assessment used to create a personalised work programme will give an even more accurate picture of their strengths and weaknesses.

As a child completes the assessment, questions will automatically adapt to ensure they score between 60% and 80% correctly, boosting their confidence from the moment they start Doodling.

Other improvements

Alongside these fantastic features, lots of work has taken place behind the scenes to improve every child’s learning experience. For example, question audio has been enhanced to increase understanding, and all games will be receiving visual makeovers.

Any questions? Please visit our Help Centre to view our bank of how-to guides, or click on the green icon to chat to our Customer Support team.

We hope you enjoy the new and improved Doodle experience!

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