How Doodle provides children with the tools to support their out-of-school learning

why learning times tables is important

DoodleMaths and DoodleEnglish are designed for all levels of ability. We believe that all children, regardless of their level, would benefit from a few minutes of daily practice to achieve confidence and attainment in primary mathematics.

According to the national curriculum, children need to meet end of year objectives. Whilst all of us parents would love for our children to be meeting or exceeding statutory objectives, what we really want is for our children feel confident and excited in their learning, rather than anxious and disengaged.

To understand how you can best support your child in their home learning, we recommend you use the conversations had with teachers or reports received from school to identify whether your child would benefit from either of the following:

  1. Additional support to close the gap with their peers, or:
  2. Ongoing practise to make sure your child is retaining and consolidating what is being taught in school. 

With these factors in mind, below are our recommendations for how you can best support your child.

1. Additional support: using Doodle to catch up and meet end of year objectives 

Is your child feeling anxious or disengaged in their learning? Has your child’s teacher identified and shared with you specific areas for development? Does your child’s report suggest your child is not meeting end of year objectives? 

For children who are not meeting expectations, we recommend 15 minutes of daily Doodle practice which is proven to close the gap between these children and their peers.

It’s really important to pair daily Doodling with encouragement and celebrating your child’s achievements. Use the DoodleConnect app or Parent Dashboard to monitor your child’s progress and send motivational messages, or download our free certificates to reward their hard work!

You’ll soon be able to create your own goals for your child in our apps, which is a great way to motivate your child and support their learning. Goals will help your child to catch up in their studies and, most importantly, will improve their confidence in their abilities.

2. Meeting expectations: using Doodle to support regular practice 

Is your child meeting curriculum expectations? Does your child’s report show your child is meeting or exceeding expectations? Is your child feeling happy and engaged in their learning?

For children who are meeting expectations, we recommend 10 minutes of daily practice. This ensures children are retaining and consolidating what is being taught in school. It’s important these children keep feeling confident and engaged in their maths and English!

Soon, DoodleMaths, DoodleEnglish and DoodleSpell will automatically create each child a personalised goal in the form of earning a certain number of stars each week. Encouraging your child to achieve this goal is a great way to encourage daily Doodling. Watch this space!

For ideas in how to encourage your child and create productive work routines in your home, check out our blog on how to make the most out of learning maths and English at home

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