Teacher Dashboard updates

We’ve made some exciting updates to the Teacher Dashboard to make it even easier to track progress and gain an insight into each pupil’s level of understanding.

Key pages of the Dashboard have been simplified and renamed to focus on three areas that teachers may wish to analyse: Effort, Understanding and Progress. We’ve also created an exclusive new page for Lift-Off users: Goals.


The Effort page shows how many stars each pupil has earned and their current streak (how many consecutive days they’ve used Doodle for) across all of the Doodle programmes. This page is a great way to see which pupils are Doodling ‘little and often’, making it easy to reward their hard work.

The ability to set goals is now an exclusive feature for schools with Lift-Off. Goals work best when used in small group settings, as teachers can focus on setting suitable goals that will support each child’s needs and track their progress towards it.  

Schools without Lift-Off can still set Extras for pupils, and all of the Doodle programmes will continue to automatically plug gaps in each child’s knowledge.


The Understanding page is where teachers can start a new baseline assessment. This tool can be used to find, close and track gaps in pupils’ learning — all from the touch of a button!

Made up of short sets of exercises, baseline assessments identify each child’s learning gaps and ensure that their work programme is at just the right level for them.  To start a new assessment, click on the blue Start baseline assessment button. Pupils will then be asked up to eight sets of exercises (depending on their age and confidence rating) to help Doodle identify their current level.

Once the assessment is complete, teachers can visit the Understanding page to view their learning gaps. A traffic-light system represents each child’s understanding of curriculum areas across all year groups. These can be compared against their current level of understanding.

Teachers can also view any questions pupils have marked as ‘Tricky’ on this page, making it easy to support pupils in the areas they’re finding challenging.


This page shows changes in pupils’ DoodleAges and EoYs over time. We’ve made it easier to view a whole class’ data at once, and progress can now be viewed between specific dates.


This brand new page is exclusive for schools with Lift-Off. From here, teachers can set personalised goals for each pupil and view their progress towards that goal.

Goals are a great way for teachers to help pupils who are working below national expectations to achieve key learning objectives, such as completing a percentage of their year’s AREs. 

Please note: Pupils who had a goal set for them before the update will keep it, but schools without Lift-Off won’t be able to edit it or give them a new one. To edit an existing target, please contact your School Success Advisor.

Other changes

To help simplify the Dashboard, we’ve removed the Programme Health page. This information can be viewed on other pages.

Any questions? Please visit our Help Centre or contact your School Success Advisor.

We hope you enjoy the new and improved Teacher Dashboard!

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