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How to build Doodle into your daily routine

We know of countless children who have piano lessons every week. The ones who move through the grades and those who don’t. It’s not necessarily the most gifted – nor those with the best teacher – it’s the ones who put in their daily practice.

English is no different. We know how important it is for children to read for 10 minutes every day. Parents and carers listen to children read for 10 minutes or so, and each day or week the level of challenge increases.

Why not create the same healthy habit for maths with Doodle! The Little and Often approach is central to how DoodleMaths works. Just 10 minutes a day is proven to raise achievement in maths.

DoodleMaths promotes Little and Often healthy habits through features that reward effort and consistent engagement over ability. So, how do schools using DoodleMaths most effectively promote our Little and Often approach?

1. Encourage!

Encourage children to do a little every day at home, just like they do with a home reading book. Be clear with your class about what they are aiming for. Inform parents of expectations and encourage their support of daily healthy usage.

2. Build those streaks!

With your class, explore streaks and monitor these regularly. Children can view their streak in ‘My Progress’ – this feature can really help you drive the healthy habit of regular engagement.

3. Build DoodleMaths into your class’ daily routine using our leaderboards

Through your Teacher Dashboard you can view and filter your school by TopStudents and TopClass, which can be used to track the number of DoodleStars being earned by children and streaks that have been built. This is a great way to promote regular engagement and build some healthy class competition within your school. We have recently added new features to our leaderboards – read below to find out more!

4. Reward success

By success we mean consistent engagement following our Little and Often approach. This encourages regular, consistent and healthy usage rather than bingeing  – earning over 1000+ stars in short term use. Download our free certificates for you to reward your pupils with!

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