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Using percentiles to track your child’s progress

Would you like to see how your child is getting on in Doodle? With the Parent Dashboard, you can see how your child is doing compared to others of a similar age by using percentiles.

What’s a percentile?

Percentiles show how your child’s progress compares to other children born in the same month and year.

For example, if your child is on the 90th percentile, they’re performing better than 90% of children of their age.

If they’re on the 50th percentile, they’re exactly average in maths for their age group.

And if they’re on the 25th percentile, they’re doing better than 25% of learners their age.

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How does Doodle work out the percentile my child is in?

Doodle works out which percentile your child is in by comparing their current responses to questions with their first baseline assessment.

Its clever algorithm then works out their percentile by comparing their performance against the data on other learners stored in our system.

How to view percentiles

When visiting the Parent Dashboard, hover over Analyse and select Progress.

From here, you’ll see a graph with dotted green lines called percentile curves. The blue line represents your child’s position.

The graph enables you to see:

  • Where your child currently lies compared to other children of a similar age
  • The progress they’re making (either in their DoodleAge or the % of End of Year Objectives they’ve covered; you can change this by pressing the arrow icon next to Measure)
  • Whether they’re on track or are a little behind in their learning

If your child is progressing well in their learning, you’ll see the blue line move upwards, from a lower percentile into a higher percentile.

If they haven’t been performing quite as well, you’ll notice the line dip and move into a lower percentile.

If you see a flat line, this means that your child hasn’t been very active in Doodle. This doesn’t mean that they’ve fallen behind, but we’d still recommend starting a new baseline assessment to make sure that their work is at the right level for them.

If you have any questions about percentiles, please visit our Help Centre and click on the green icon to chat to our team.

Happy Doodling!


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