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New feature: interactive concept explanations

Carefully crafted by our team of education specialists, introductions to new topics now include interactive elements designed to make learning even more engaging. 

What are concept explanations? 

Concept explanations are Doodle’s way of introducing children to new topics in the curriculum.  

Doodle’s clever algorithm, Proxima™, will automatically set each child a lesson when they’re ready to move on in their learning. These will automatically appear in the Learning Zone as a green circular icon called New, or as Words in DoodleSpell. 

By combining short, snappy explanations with practical hands-on activities, lessons enable children to develop their understanding of new areas by putting their learning into practice as they go. 

Best of all, learners can earn up to three stars for completing a lesson’s interactive elements, rewarding them for their hard work and helping to keep them motivated! 

How to access question explanations 

Lessons will automatically appear in the Learning Zone as a circular icon called New. They’ll also appear at the beginning of any Extras which have been set by a parent, teacher or child. 

Extras will appear as an optional or a compulsory activity to enable a child to move on to the next stage of their learning. Simply tap or click on the New icon to get started!

Any questions? Please visit our Help Centre or click on the green icon to chat to our Customer Support team.

We hope you enjoy the new and improved Doodle experience!


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