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New feature: Newsfeed

We’ll thrilled to have launched the Newsfeed, an exciting new feature where children can celebrate their achievements and those of their peers!

What is the Newsfeed?

The Newsfeed encourages children to use Doodle ‘little and often’ by rewarding their effort and determination. 

From the Newsfeed, children can view their achievements as well as those of siblings or classmates. Accomplishments include earning a new high score in a game, mastering a times table in DoodleTables or completing a set of exercises. 

Learners can ‘like’ their friends’ achievements and view how many ‘likes’ they’ve received for their own, helping to boost their confidence a little every day!

By bringing their achievements together in one place, the Newsfeed motivates children to try their best while demonstrating the value of hard work. 

How to view the Newsfeed

To view the Newsfeed, log in to Doodle, press on the arrow icon in the top left-hand corner of the Learning Zone and select Friends.

From here, children will see a chronological list of the achievements they’ve made across all of the Doodle programmes, including: 

  1. Completing exercises
  2. Achieving a new high score in a game
  3. Mastering a times table in DoodleTables
  4. Reaching their weekly target (being in the green zone)

They can also view the achievements of their siblings or classmates. Achievements made by siblings will appear if they’re also registered under the same parent email address, while achievements of classmates will appear if a child has a school subscription and their teacher has turned on the Newsfeed for their class.  

Children can ‘like’ their friends’ achievements by pressing on the thumbs up icon to the right of their achievements. 

Learners can view the number of ‘likes’ they’ve received next to their accomplishments in the Newsfeed, but can’t view how many their peers have received. 

How to turn the Newsfeed on and off

The Newsfeed will always be active for parents, but events from siblings will only appear if they’ve been added under the same parent email address.

Teachers can turn off the newsfeed for the pupils in their class by following the steps below: 

  1. Log in to the Teacher Dashboard
  2. Hover over Manage and select Students
  3. Select a student/s and press Friend settings
  4. Turn the Newsfeed toggle to off

For more information, please visit our Help Centre or click on the green icon to chat to our Customer Support team.

We hope you enjoy the new and improved Doodle experience!


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