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New features have arrived in Doodle!

From brilliant bubbles to interactive instruments, we’ve introduced lots of fantastic new features into DoodleMaths and DoodleEnglish to keep learners engaged over the summer.

All of the accessories have been designed to be as interactive as possible, helping to encourage daily Doodling and prevent learning loss over the holidays.

The following features can be purchased using stars, an in-app currency which children can earn by answering questions and playing games.

What’s new in DoodleMaths?

We’ve added lots of accessories that children can use to care for their robot, including food and drink, soap and a sponge, and oil and even polish to keep it clean. These items are replenishable and can be purchased each time a child would like to use them.

Or, if you’re in the mood for music, we’ve also added a jukebox! Children can use their stars to turn it on and buy songs to play on it.

Plus, there are lots of musical instruments learners can purchase for their robot. With a selection including a guitar, harp and panpipes, they all make sounds when pressed.

Finally, we’ve also added confetti which children can use to celebrate their achievements, and a bubble machine that fills the screen with lots of colourful bubbles!

These accessories can be purchased for the robot on the My Robot page in DoodleMaths.

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What’s new in DoodleEnglish?

Children can now travel to 18 new countries in My Travels, including Denmark, Egypt and Madagascar. Learners can earn a unique stamp by travelling to each of these locations.

Most excitingly, children can use their stars to buy an exclusive souvenir from each of these locations. From a lemur to a Viking ship, be sure to travel to them all to discover what each country has to offer!

In addition, we’ve also added a jukebox where children can listen to music. This can be accessible on the My Travels page.

Any questions? Please visit our Help Centre and click on the green circle icon to chat to our team.

We hope you enjoy Doodle’s latest features!


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