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Updates to the Teacher Dashboard

You’ve spoken and we’ve listened. We’re thrilled to reveal some very exciting updates to the Teacher Dashboard!

1. View progress

Improved visualisation across all our Doodle apps lets you easily track progress and quickly see how a child’s Doodle Age has changed over time. 

Within the Progress area of the Dashboard, a bar shows an increase in a Doodle Age. If clicked, you can view their progress comparison between their age and Doodle Age.

2. Easy reporting

Illustrate the positive impact of Doodle on attainment by exporting and manipulating data for groups of children, individuals and your whole class. 

3. Analyse effort

Using our Teacher Dashboard, you can monitor how children are performing against our healthy-usage indicators. Green, amber and red indicators provide  opportunities to discuss with children the increasingly important conversations around healthy usage.

4. Gap analysis

Gaps are arranged according to the national curriculum age-related expectations (AREs), and enable you to view a child’s understanding of each strand. You can also see a RAG rating (red, amber and green) and the percentage of content covered in order to assess a child’s understanding.

5. Programme health

Programme Health is one of the tools that we recommend every teacher uses frequently when monitoring children’s accounts.

Ready to get started? Check out the Teacher Dashboard for yourself!

Visit the Teacher Dashboard

Here at Doodle, we’re constantly evolving our technology and would love to know how our technology is working for you. Please let us know about your experiences with the Dashboard.

We hope you enjoy using the updated features of the Teacher Dashboard. 

Happy Doodling!


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