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How to use Doodle to fill learning gaps

Looking for ways to plug learning gaps in maths and English? We’ve made a list of the ways that Doodle can help you do just that!

Finding gaps in learning

When learners first log onto our programmes, they’re taken through a baseline assessment. This asks them a series of exercises designed to identify the strengths and gaps in their knowledge. 

On the online Teacher Dashboard, you can see a snapshot of these on the Analyse > Understanding pages. You can either choose to look at an overall view of each pupil’s understanding or at their understanding against Age Related Expectations. 

A handy traffic-light system shows each child’s level of understanding at just a glance, making it easy to provide additional support where needed. And best of all, all data be instantly exported, helping with report writing and teacher handovers!

We recommend that the baseline assessment is completed once a term. 

Targeting gaps 

Now that each child’s gaps have been identified, our clever algorithm, Proxima™, builds them a personalised work programme tailored to their needs. As pupils use Doodle ‘little and often’, it adapts to constantly pinpoint and target their gaps. 

Proxima ensures that their weaker topics are regularly revised and revisited in their ‘x-a-day’ and ‘Power Ups’ exercises. Once a pupil has mastered a concept, they’ll automatically be moved on to new concepts. 

If pupils are finding a question challenging, there are a variety of in-built help features to support them, including topic explanations and hints. They can also mark it as a Tricky question; doing this will save the question to discuss at a later time with an adult. 

Using Assignments

If a teacher would like to set specific work for a pupil, they can do this by using our Assignments feature. These are often used as a pre-teaching or consolidation tool, and can also be used to plug each child’s gaps. 

Extras can either be set directly from the Analyse > Understanding page, or from the Assignments > Assign section on the Teacher Dashboard

From here, you can set Assignments for a particular child or groups of pupils! 

And there you have it! In these ways and many more, Doodle can help teachers with report writing, intervention and planning lessons.

Why not visit the Teacher Dashboard today to give these fantastic features a go?

Or, if you’re new to Doodle, book a free chat with our team to discover how Doodle could benefit your school!


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